Tuesday, June 4, 2013

High Street Fashion in Gulu, Uganda

High Street Fashion in the dusty town of Gulu, Uganda appears to be mainly imported from China.
However, like many of the African counties I have lived in or visited, most corner shops have a tailor who sets up his/her treadle sewing machine on the side-walk. This is often a meeting place for passers by, who catch up on the daily gossip and sometimes wait until a dress or some other item is sewn up in a jiffy.
Of course, the shop collection is tastefully on show to the public consumer.
What intrigues me in mesmerised wonder, is what normally would be "sex-shop blow-up dolls" sold in some Amsterdam red street outlet, are often proudly used as clothing dummies, with ski-pants squeezed onto ample, plastic posteriors.
Then there is the decision to combine a cap with something shiny draped in golden spangled glory over the top, (just in case you decide to adhere to that head-gear principle, and by the look on the dummy's face, even she is not too sure if it's really her "thing"!)

©Susan Cook-Jahme, Freelance Writer & illustrator

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