About Me

Susan Cook-Jahme
My passion for photography started at the early age of ten when my cousin, three years my senior, was given a new camera for Christmas and he handed on his “Brownie 127” Camera to me. This was a start to a passion for taking pictures of everything and anything that captured my eye.
Living in Africa, I had an abundance of subject matter, especially the colourful people, flora and fauna.
As I grew older, the cameras progressed from my first acquisition and I discovered I could exhibit and sell my photographs to the public. This was a bonus as it helped cover the costs of a hobby that I am passionate about.
My formal training is in the fields of Commercial Art, Marketing and Advertising. My forte is graphic design and illustrative art.
For the past 20 years I have enjoyed writing in the genre of poetry, prose, short stories and children's stories and am a published author.
I have travelled and lived in various African countries; the Indian Ocean Islands, the United Kingdom, USA, New Zealand, Europe, the Baltic’s, Caribbean, Mexico, Middle and Far East, and Blog about my experiences whilst in various places around the world.