Friday, June 22, 2012

The "Boda" Taxi

Asking the Cost for a Ride.
Local Transport in Gulu, Uganda

In Mozambique they have taxi bicycles and here in Uganda there is a slight upgrade, - the motorbike.
The "Boda" taxi, as it is called, will carry up to four people, including all their luggage, even the family goat.
Sometimes they are hired by one individual with supplies, such as a window frame, a bed or even a wheel-barrow!
How they manage to balance is a mystery, but they do.
The owners of the boda's are often found  in groups at street corners, chatting and waiting for a customer to approach and hitch a ride.

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  1. amazing what they can carry on their bikes "boda's " yikes. am still trying to snap these guys that carry their goats like backpacks in Tete.....About 3 fully grown goats, plus one on back and this is on a bike!! love xox


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